Do brochures sell homes?

Do brochures sell homes?

When you put up your house for sale, your intention is to sell it as quickly as possible. People have a negative view of houses that have been on the market for long and to avoid this predicament, you are looking for effective ways to market your home to potential buyers. Most agents just rely on digital marketing, focusing their efforts solely on listing your property on portals like rightmove and zoopla – but what about good old fashioned property brochures? Are they are thing of the past or can they still help generate a sale

Showcase a lifestyle with a brochure

To get more buyers interested in your house, you should use a brochure to showcase the lifestyle that the client will be buying into and not just the brick, mortar, and empty spaces. A house is a long-term investment and buyers need to be assured that their lives will be enhanced in their new homes and your property brochure should give this assurance. A brochure that has bespoke styling can create a much better feel online too.  Although we believe in printed brochures a top quality pdf brochure to be viewed online is also essential.  Every element of a brochure can be tailored to suit your property and engineered to promote the lifestyle elements of our marketing.  To achieve this you will need good photography and property content that will appeal to potential buyers.

Take professional-grade pictures of the interior and exterior of the house so as to give the buyers an idea of what they are buying into. Other than photos of the room, focus on the bespoke architectural elements, or a stunning view and if it features exterior lighting, take a night shot as well.

You should also use compelling copy to describe your home. Superlatives such as elegant, luxurious, and spacious are ideal for describing a large family home while descriptions such as cosy, quaint, and homey are ideal for a small bungalow. You should also make sure that your descriptions tell the potential buyers what they can do in the home when they live there such as, “A large backyard for entertaining family and friends” or, “A large kitchen for hosting parties.”

Attention to Detail 

Don’t forget to share the specifics of your home such as the square footage, the lot size, and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Other things to highlight include;

  • The type of flooring.
  • The materials used to make the cabinets and work surfaces.
  • The nature of the fireplace.
  • Your contact details.

When designed properly, the brochure will help your home appeal emotionally to potential buyers and this increases the chances of them booking a visit to view the house. Buyers often view as many as 10 houses before they settle on the one that they are going to buy and a good brochure helps them to remember the feeling of quality and that special warm feeling they had when they looked around your home.  Think of when you are buying a new car or a nice watch, do you need a copy of the printed brochure? No, all the information is available online.  In fact there is loads more information online than they could ever fit into a printed brochure, but we all look through these brochures when making our decisions, often especially when reviewing our choices and the quality of a bespoke property brochure can only help to keep your buyers excited in the same way as the car and watch makers brochures keep us excited.

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