Why does it take so long to decide to Downsize?

Progress is one of the things that we all value in life. We all aspire to move up the ladder and make better men and women of ourselves. Our homes take up a similar approach in our lives. They progress from simple rooms with no meaning at all to purposeful spaces that are part of us. You raise a family in your home and in the process you create memories that last a lifetime. You celebrate birthdays and other special occasions such as weddings in your home and this way, it serves as a meeting point for your family and friends. You make merry in that space and the relationship with your family members and friends gets enhanced. With time, the empty shell that you bought several years ago becomes part of you and your family. You cannot imagine living anywhere else but it reaches a point whereby you actively have to think about downsizing.

Your kids have become young adults and they leave the nest so as to find themselves and to progress their lives further. Your once full house becomes empty with the kids gone. At first, holding on to the home looks like the most ideal option as you don’t want to let go of the memories that you created in your home. You also want to keep the family home as a meeting point for your kids and other members of the extended family for special occasions and holidays. With time, however, you realize that your kids are so held up in their lives that they hardly come to the family home. Since you are no longer working on a full-time basis and have a lot of time on your hands, you find yourself travelling for long to visit your children and to spend time with your grandkids. This happens often and it makes you realize that you don’t need the large family home anymore. Instead, you need more money and mobility to see your grandkids often.

Selling the family home and getting a smaller house becomes a real possibility but every time you see the different rooms and visualize the memories that you created over there, you put off the decision to put up the for sale sign. This is the main reason it takes longer to downsize and it is tied to the emotional attachment that people have with their homes. Life is full of ups and downs and these are the things that make it worthwhile. People experience all of these at their homes and it is understandable when they find it hard to let go of all the memories. Downsizing allows you to get the funds and time that you need to travel about, do the things that you love like painting and crafting, and visit your friends and family so if you want to make even more memories, then you should not be afraid to downsize. Get a notepad and write all the memories that you had in each room as a way of detaching from the old home and preparing for the new one.

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