Planning to move?

Planning to move can be a daunting task due to both the financial and emotional investment needed.

Moving home is described as one of the most stressful times in someone’s life, we like to think of it as exciting.   We believe it is part of our job to make sure you find it more exciting than stressful.  With our plan our clients find each stage of the process structured and organised rather than chaotic and stressful.  This allows them to relax, safe in the knowledge they have employed an expert to handle their sale, an agent with their best interests at heart and who is working tirelessly to not just get them sold, but to get them sold at a premium price and to guarantee their onward purchase is just as stress free.

A large amount of the stress of moving comes from the unknown. Many of our clients are successful business people and they are used to being in control and having a plan, then suddenly when it comes to disposing of their biggest asset it can start to feel disorganised and unstructured.  A distinct lack of information at each stage is often the biggest contributor to this feeling.  Our clients benefit from a detailed onboarding process that lets them know what will happen and when.  With the use of technology like Whatsapp we keep them informed of the little things that are happening along the way, which gives them a feeling of being included and involved in the process.  Once we have gone through the preparation stage and have launched the property to the market the communication continues and in fact it continues all the way through to the day you move.

So we have the systems in place to reduce the stress and anxiety, but how do you go about preparing to market the property? What time is the best time to market your home?  When working with Thomas Bespoke we will advise you at every stage, we have people that can help you prepare your home if it requires redecoration, or home staging.  Our advice is not generic but tailored to your goals, but if you would like to read some more general tips and advice then head over to Our Blog where we have dozens of articles all designed to help you.