Top Ten Tips for Styling Your Living Room

Top Ten Tips for Styling Your Living Room

In most houses, the living room is the first room that you come across from the door. The living room, therefore, serves as the representative of the whole house and as such, visitors make an opinion of your house from the appearance of the living room. The living room also plays an important role in our lives since it is here where you relax and unwind after a tough day. The potential buyers of your home will, therefore, be looking at how you have styled the living room to determine if your home suits them and in this piece, we share ten tips for styling your living room so as to appeal to potential buyers.

  1. Get new sofas.

You could be planning to buy new sofas for the house that you are moving into but if you want to make a good impression to the potential buyers of your old home, then you should get those new sofas now and move with them to your new house after the sale. The sofas that you bought ages ago give your home an outdated feel and this can easily put off potential buyers.

  1. Dress the sofas.

If you cannot get new sofas for staging your home (or if the news ones wouldn’t fit into the current home), then dressing them is an ideal option that will give them an attractive look. Liven old sofas with a beautiful throw or add some cushions for added flair. Get the cushions in rich fabrics that pop out so as to add a feeling of luxury and to take the attention away from the outdated sofas.

  1. Light up your living room effectively.

Lighting adds a homely feel in the living room and this makes it a great styling option if you want to prepare your home for potential buyers. Keep the overhead lights off and instead switch on the table lamp and the downlighters for a cosy feel.

  1. Paint the walls.

If the paint on the walls of your living room has faded, then you should make an effort to paint them again so as add some glow to the room. This is not the time to try the bold colours that you like as this can alienate the potential buyers who don’t like bold shades of colours. You should instead opt for neutral colours that are soft and welcoming such as white, cream, and pale grey.

  1. Clear and re-arrange.

Since the living room is where people spend most of the time in the home, chances are there are things lying all over the place. The children’s toys could be all over the floor while books, magazines, and CDs could be scattered on the coffee table. This disorganization makes the living room look crowded and it could give the illusion that it isn’t spacious enough. Before you allow potential buyers into your home, remove all the children’s toys and store them elsewhere. Remove the magazines, books, and ashtrays on the coffee table and replace them with a beautiful central display of fruits or flowers.

  1. Accessorize appropriately.

Accessorize add colour and style to the living room and this could help you appeal to potential buyers. You may have to replace the personal ornaments and collections that you had as accessories and replace them with modern pieces that are neutral and appealing to all. Flower vases and candles add life to the living room and if you are looking for an inexpensive way to accessorize, they are the way to go.

  1. Update your carpet.

Carpeting is another thing you have to take care of if you want to style your home effectively for sale. If the carpet in your living is dirty but still in good condition, then get a cleaner to clean it. If it is old and worn out, then you should consider replacing it and getting a new one. Old and worn out carpets give potential buyers the impression that the house has not been looked after properly and this makes investing in a new carpet very important if you want to sell your house quickly.

  1. Style the living room with pieces of art.

Art pieces add a wow factor to your living room and this makes them great styling elements for selling a home. The art should be simple and neutral as you would not want to offend people with your art choices. If you have personal family portraits on the walls, remove them as a way of depersonalizing your home and opening it up to potential buyers.

  1. Get the attention off the TV.

Your TV could be quite prominent in your living room and this could make it difficult to highlight the important features of the living room. You should, therefore, try and re-arrange the living room so as to reduce its impact. If you have arranged the furniture around the TV, remove them from there are re-arrange them around the fireplace. Such an arrangement also primes the living room for photographs and this could help you market your home effectively to potential buyers.

  1. Set the ambience.

How buyers feel when they visit your home affects their buying decisions and this makes it important to create a good ambience about your home. Scented candles and some nice background music enhance the feeling in your living room and this makes it inviting to visitors.

The living is the first room that potential buyers come across when they visit your home for a viewing. It, therefore, sets the tone for the viewing experience and this makes it important that you style it effectively so as to appeal to potential buyers. Contact us today and we will guide you on how to set up your living room for the visit of home buyers.

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