What is Home Staging and How Does it Help Sell My House?

What is Home Staging and How Does it Help Sell My House?

Home staging is a marketing tactic that helps sell houses. Buyers base their decisions to buy houses on the perception that they have of those houses and home staging helps create the perfect impression. Buying a house has taken an emotional approach of late with buyers interested in finding spaces that are homely and home staging adds this emotional element to empty spaces and increases the chances of making a sale. When you put up your house for sale, the intention is to get it off the market as fast as possible and home staging is one of the things you should consider as it helps you appeal to potential buyers.

First impressions

A potential buyer will have decided whether to buy your house or not in the first 10 seconds after stepping into it and this makes creating the best first impression an important aspect if you want to conquer the property market. In fact, they are coming to definite conclusions as they are pulling into the driveway and this makes it important to stage your home appropriately if you to impress a potential buyer. Buying a home is one of the biggest investments that individuals make in their lives and as such, buyers are quite cautious when accessing potential homes. They try to imagine how their lives will be should they decide to move into that particular house and staging your house appropriately serves as the perfect rehearsal. They imagine how they will fit furniture and other decorative fittings in the house to create the perfect home and when they are not able to create this picture from the way you have staged your home then, they will gladly move to the next available house that is on sale.

Staging vs decorating

Staging can be confused with decorating when it comes to priming your house for sale but these two aspects are far apart. Decorating purposes to make a house appealing but staging entails depersonalizing your house so as to prepare it for unknown buyers. The purpose of staging is to open up your house to the imagination of the potential buyer and you will not be able to do this when you fill up your house with decorative items that appeal only to you. Of course, you will have to de-clutter, clean, repair, and light up your house appropriately for the perfect home staging performance but the intention is to appeal to the emotions of the buyer and make them believe that house is made for them.

Statistics for staged and un-staged homes

Statistics show that staged homes sell faster than un-staged homes. In fact, they sell twice as fast and this makes it a vital step that homeowners must take when disposing of their houses. The selling price is also higher for staged homes than un-staged ones and this calls for home staging if you want to get a better price for your property. You may spend some money to stage your home appropriately but this investment pays off when you move your property faster and at a higher price.

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