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Why Choose Us

Clients choose us for three great reasons

Reason one

Our attention to detail and obsession with a strategy for every element of your home moving process helps us to ensure you benefit from all the marginal gains possible and this is why our clients achieve more on average.  The national average in the UK is to sell your home for around 96% of the original asking price, we achieve far closer to 100%, with some of our clients even achieving more than there asking price, our average is just over 98%.  To be blunt if your home is worth £500,000 then that could mean an extra £10,000 in your pocket!

Reason two

A personal service. The agent you meet at the start will be your agent all the way through the process.  This gives real continuity of service but also accountability. Our clients find that the overall experience is vastly improved because they are looked after by an experienced agent throughout the entire home moving process

Reason three

No contract and no fee until your sale completes.  In other words complete peace of mind.  If you are ever unhappy or feel we are not working hard enough for you, you simply cancel our agreement immediately and walk away.  We believe estate agents should retain clients based on the service being delivered and not hide behind long exclusivity agreements that prohibit you from switching if you’re unhappy.

Bespoke Marketing

A buyer who falls in love with your home and who therefore is buying from the heart will find it hard to pay any less than the very highest price and we believe the combination of stunning professional photographs and video with our poetic copy will guarantee buyers fall in love with your home.

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